Forex Education Symbols

Canadian TSX and TSXV Stock Symbols

Symbol Full name
P.TO Primero Mining Corp
PAAS.TO Pan American Silver Corp
PAC.V Pacton Gold Inc
PAD.V Pan Andean Minerals Ltd
PAM.V Power Americas Minerals Corp
PAN.V Pangolin Diamonds Corp
PATH.TO Counterpath Corp
PAY.TO Posera Ltd
PBD.TO Purpose Total Return Bond Fund ETF
PBH.TO Premium Brands Holdings Corp
PBI.TO Purpose Best Ideas Fund ETF
PBL.TO Pollard Banknote Limited
PBM.V Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd
PBR.V Para Resources Inc
PBS.V Pacgen Life Science Corp
PCI.V Perlite Canada Inc
PCO.V Phoenix Canada Oil Co.Ltd.
PCQ.V Petrolympic Ltd
PCR.V Pinecrest Resources Ltd
PCY.TO Prophecy Development Corp
PD.TO Precision Drilling Corp
PDC.TO Powershares CDN Div ETF
PDF.TO Purpose Core Dividend Fund ETF
PDL.TO North American Palladium Ltd
PDP.V Pediapharm Inc
PDV.TO Prime Dividend Corp Cl A
PE.V Pure Energy Minerals Limited
PEA.V Pieridae Energy Ltd.
PEEK.V Peeks Social Ltd
PEGI.TO Pattern Energy Group Inc
PEH.V Primeline Energy Holdings Inc
PEO.V People Corp
PET.V Peat Resources Ltd
PEU.TO Purpose Enhanced US Equity Fund
PEX.V Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd
PEY.TO Peyto Exploration and Dvlpmnt Corp
PFB.TO Pfb Corp
PFC.V Petrofrontier Corp
PFL.TO Powershares 1 To 3 Yr Lad Float Rate ETF
PFM.V Prontoforms Corp
PG.TO Premier Gold Mines Ltd
PGC.V Plato Gold Corp
PGD.TO Peregrine Diamonds Ltd
PGE.V Group Ten Metals Inc
PGF.TO Pengrowth Energy Corp
PGL.TO Powershares Ultra Liquid Lt Govt Bd ETF
PGLC.TO Pershing Gold Corp
PGM.V Pure Gold Mining Inc
PGS.V Paget Minerals Corp
PGV.V Prodigy Ventures Inc
PGX.V Prosper Gold Corp
PGZ.V Pan Global Resources Inc
PHD.V Providence Gold Mines Inc
PHE.TO Purpose Tactical Hedged Equity Fund ETF
PHI.V Philippine Metals Inc
PHM.V Patient Home Monitoring Corp
PHO.V Photon Control Inc
PHR.TO Purpose Duration Hedged Real Estate ETF
PHW.TO Purpose Intl Tactical Hedged Equity ETF
PHX.TO Phx Energy Services Corp
PID.TO Purpose Intl Dividend Fund ETF
PIF.TO Polaris Infrastructure Inc
PIN.TO Purpose Monthly Income Fund ETF
PJT.V Partner Jet Corp
PJX.V Pjx Resources Inc
PKI.TO Parkland Fuel Corp
PKT.V Parkit Enterprise Inc
PLA.V Plata Latina Minerals Corp
PLC.TO Park Lawn Corp
PLI.TO Prometic Life Sciences Inc
PLS.TO Polaris Materials Corp
PLU.V Plateau Uranium Inc
PLV.TO Powershares Low Vol Portfolio ETF
PLX.V Point Loma Resources Ltd
PLY.V Playfair Mining Ltd
PMA.V Petromaroc Corporation Plc
PME.TO Sentry Select Primary Metals Corp
PML.V Panoro Minerals Ltd
PMM.TO Purpose Multi Strategy Mkt Neutral Fund
PMN.TO Promis Neurosciences Inc
PMT.TO Perpetual Energy Inc
PMTS.TO CPI Card Group Inc
PMX.V Proam Exploration Corp
PNE.TO Pine Cliff Energy Ltd
PNG.V Kraken Robotics Inc.
PNN.V Pennine Petroleum Corp
PNP.TO Pinetree Capital Ltd
POC.V Pacific Iron Ore Corp
POE.V Pan Orient Energy Corp
POM.TO Polymet Mining Corp
PONY.TO Painted Pony Energy Ltd
POR.V Portofino Resources Inc
POT.TO Potash Corp of Sask Inc
POU.TO Paramount Resources Ltd
POW.TO Power Corporation of Canada Sv
PP.V Pacific Potash Corp
PPL.TO Pembina Pipeline Corp
PPM.V Pacific Imperial Mines Inc
PPP.V Parlane Resource Corp
PPR.TO Prairie Provident Resources Inc
PPS.TO Powershares CDN Pref Share ETF
PPX.V Ppx Mining Corp
PQE.V Petroteq Energy Inc
PR.TO Lysander Slater Pref Share Activ ETF
PRA.TO Purpose Diversified Real Asset Fund ETF
PRB.V Probe Metals Inc
PRG.V Precipitate Gold Corp
PRK.TO Potash Ridge Corp
PRP.TO Purpose Conservative Income Fund ETF
PRQ.TO Petrus Resources Ltd
PRS.V Prism Resources Inc
PRU.TO Perseus Mining Limited
PRZ.V Prize Mining Corp
PSA.TO Purpose High Interest Savings ETF
PSB.TO Pwrshrs 1 To 5 Yr Ladder Inv Grd Bd ETF
PSD.TO Pulse Seismic Inc
PSH.V Petroshale Inc
PSI.TO Pason Systems Inc
PSK.TO Prairiesky Royalty Ltd
PSL.V Prospero Silver Corp
PST.V Pistol Bay Mining Inc
PSY.TO Pwrshr Glb Sharehldr Yield ETF
PTB.TO Powershares Tactical Bond ETF
PTE.V Pioneering Technology Corp
PTF.V Pender Growth Fund Inc
PTG.TO Pivot Technology Solutions Inc
PTK.V Poet Technologies Inc
PTM.TO Platinum Group Metals Ltd
PTP.V Petrichor Energy Inc
PTS.TO Points International Ltd
PTU.V Purepoint Uranium Group Inc
PUC.V Pancontinental Gold Corp
PUD.TO Purpose US Dividend Fund ETF
PUM.V Puma Exploration Inc
PUR.TO Pure Technologies Ltd
PVG.TO Pretium Resources Inc
PWF.TO Power Financial Corp
PWM.V Power Metals Corp
PX.V Pelangio Exploration Inc
PXG.TO Pwrshr FTSE RAFI Global Plus Fdamntl ETF
PXI.V Planet Ventures Inc
PXT.TO Parex Resources Inc
PXX.TO Blackpearl Resources Inc
PYD.V Poydras Gaming Finance Corp
PYF.TO Purpose Premium Yield Fund ETF
PYR.V Pyrogenesis Canada Inc
PZA.TO Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp
PZC.TO Pwrshr FTSE RAFI CDN Sml Mid Fdamntl ETF
PZW.TO Pwrshr FTSE RAFI Glb Sml Mid Fdamntl ETF