Forex Education Symbols

Canadian TSX and TSXV Stock Symbols

Symbol Full name
IAG.TO Industrial Alliance Ins & Fin Srv Inc
IAM.TO Integrated Asset Management Corp
IB.V Ibc Advanced Alloys Corp
IBC.V International Bethlehem Mining Corp
IBG.TO Ibi Group Inc
IBT.V Ibex Technologies Inc
ICAU.V Intercontinental Gold and Metals Ltd.
ICC.V Icc International Cannabis Corp
ICE.TO Canlan ICE Sports Corp
ICL.V Itasca Capital Ltd
ICM.V Iconic Minerals Ltd
ICO.V Ico Therapeutics Inc
ICP.TO Ic Potash Corp
IDG.TO Indigo Books & Music Inc
IDI.V Indico Resources Ltd
IDM.V Idm Mining Ltd
IEI.V Imperial Equities Inc
IES.V Intercept Energy Services Inc
IFA.TO Ifabric Corp
IFC.TO Intact Financial Corp
IFOS.V Itafos
IFP.TO Interfor Corp
IFR.V International Frontier Resources Corpora
IFX.V Imaflex Inc
IGM.TO Igm Financial Inc
IGO.V Independence Gold Corp
IGP.V Imperial Ginseng Products Ltd
IGX.V Intelgenx Technologies Corp
III.TO Imperial Metals Corp
IKM.V Ikkuma Resources Corp
ILA.V Ilookabout Corp
ILC.V International Lithium Corp
ILV.TO Powershares SP Intl Dev Low Vol ETF
IMA.V I-Minerals Inc
IMG.TO Iamgold Corp
IMH.V Invictus MD Strategies Corp
IMI.V International Millennium Mining Corp
IMO.TO Imperial Oil
IMP.TO Intermap Tech Corp
IMR.V Imetal Resources Inc
IMT.V International Montoro Res. Inc
IMV.TO Immunovaccine Inc
INE.TO Innergex Renewable Energy Inc
INP.V Input Capital Corp
INQ.TO Inscape Corp Sv
INSR.TO BMO Glb Insurance Hgd To CAD ETF
INV.TO Inv Metals Inc
INX.V Intouch Insight Ltd
IO.V Inca One Gold Corp
IOM.V Assure Holdings Corp
ION.V Alset Minerals Corp
IOT.V Innovotech Inc
IOU.V Iou Financial Inc
IPA.V Immunoprecise Antibodies Ltd
IPC.V Iplayco Corporation Ltd
IPCI.TO Intellipharmaceutics International Inc
IPCO.TO International Petroleum Corp
IPD.V International Parkside Products Inc
IPL.TO Inter Pipeline Ltd
IPO.TO Inplay Oil Corp
IPT.V Impact Silver Corp
IQ.V Airiq Inc
IQD.TO Wisdomtree Intl Qlty Div Gwth ETF
IRC.V Ironside Resources Inc
IRG.TO Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc
IRI.V Iemr Resources Inc
IRO.V Inter-Rock Minerals Inc
IRON.TO Alderon Iron Ore Corp
IRR.V Inform Resources Corp
ISD.V Isign Media Solutions Inc
ISO.V Isoenergy Ltd
ISS.V International Samuel Exploration Corp
ISV.TO Information Services Corp
ITC.TO Intrinsyc Technologies Corp
ITH.TO International Tower Hill Mines Ltd
ITM.V Intema Solutions Inc
ITP.TO Intertape Polymer
ITR.V Integra Resources Corp.
ITT.V Internet of Things Inc
ITX.TO The Intertain Group Limited
IVI.V Ivrnet Inc
IVN.TO Ivanhoe Mines Ltd
IVS.V Inventus Mining Corp
IXI.V Indigo Exploration Inc
IZN.V Inzinc Mining Ltd