Forex Education Symbols

Canadian TSX and TSXV Stock Symbols

Symbol Full name
G.TO Goldcorp Inc
GAL.V Galantas Gold Corp
GAS.TO Canadian Natural Gas Index ETF
GB.V Ginger Beef Corp
GBF.TO Globalance Dividend Growers Corp
GBL.V Gb Minerals Ltd
GBR.V Great Bear Resources Ltd
GBT.TO Bmtc Group Inc
GBU.TO Gabriel Res J
GC.TO Great Canadian Gaming Corp
GCG.TO Guardian Capital
GCL.TO Colabor Group Inc
GCM.TO Gran Colombia Gold Corp
GCN.V Goldcliff Resource Corp
GCR.V Gespeg Copper Resources Inc
GCT.TO Gvic Communications Corp Class B
GCX.V Granite Creek Gold Ltd
GDC.TO Genesis Land J
GDI.TO Gdi Integrated Facility Services Inc
GDL.TO Goodfellow Inc
GDNP.V Good Natured Products Inc.
GDS.TO Gendis Inc
GDX.V Goldex Resources Corp
GEI.TO Gibson Energy Inc
GEN.TO Genenews Limited
GEO.TO Geodrill Limited
GER.V Glen Eagle Resources Inc
GFG.V Gfg Resources Inc
GG.V Galane Gold Ltd
GGA.TO Goldgroup Mining Inc
GGD.TO Gogold Resources Inc
GGG.V Graphene 3D Lab Inc
GGI.V Garibaldi Resources Corp
GGL.V Ggl Resources Corp
GGM.V Granada Gold Mine Inc
GGS.V Golden Secret Ventures Ltd
GGX.V Ggx Gold Corp
GH.TO Gamehost Inc
GI.V Gem International Resources Inc
GIGA.V Giga Metals Corp
GIII.V Gen III Oil Corp
GIL.TO Gildan Activewear Inc
GIS.V Genesis Metals Corp
GIT.V Gitennes Exploration Inc
GIX.V Geologix Explorations Inc
GKX.V Gemini Corp
GLB.V Goldbank Mining Corp
GLD.V Goldon Resources Ltd
GLDN.V Golden Ridge Resources Ltd
GLG.TO Glg Life Tech Corp
GLK.V Great Lakes Graphite Inc
GLW.V Galway Gold Inc
GMA.V Geomega Resources Inc
GMN.V Gobimin Inc
GMO.TO General Moly Inc
GMP.TO Gmp Capital Inc
GMV.V Gmv Minerals Inc
GMX.TO Globex Mining Enterprises Inc
GNC.V Gainey Capital Corp
GNF.V Greenfields Petroleum Corp
GNG.V Golden Goliath Resources Ltd
GNH.V Golden Hope Mines Ltd
GNT.V Gentor Resources Inc
GOE.V Goldeneye Resources Corp
GOG.V Golden Tag Resources Ltd
GOLD.V Goldmining Inc
GOM.V Golden Dawn Minerals Inc
GOOS.TO Canada Goose Holdings Inc
GP.V Golden Peak Minerals Inc
GPG.V Grande Portage Resources Ltd
GPH.V Graphite One Resources Inc
GPM.V Gpm Metals Inc
GPR.TO Great Panther Silver Limited
GPS.TO Bsm Technologies Inc
GPV.V Greenpower Motor Company Inc
GPY.V Golden Predator Mining Corp
GQ.V Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd
GQC.V Goldquest Mining Corp
GQM.TO Golden Queen Mng J
GR.V Great Atlantic Resources Corp
GRB.V Greenbriar Capital Corp
GRC.V Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp
GRG.V Golden Arrow Res Corp
GRI.V Galore Resources Inc
GRK.V Gray Rock Resources Ltd
GRL.TO Global Real Estate Div Growers
GRR.V Golden Reign Resources Ltd
GRV.V Gold Reach Resources Ltd
GRZ.V Gold Reserve Inc
GS.TO Gluskin Sheff Associates Inc
GSA.V Groundstar Resources Ltd
GSC.TO Golden Star
GSH.V Golden Share Resources Corp
GSI.V Gatekeeper Systems Inc
GSP.V Gensource Potash Corp
GSR.V Goldstrike Resources Ltd
GSS.V Gossan Resources Limited
GSV.TO Gold Standard Ventures Corp
GSV.V Gold Standard Ventures Corp
GSY.TO Goeasy Ltd
GTA.V Gta Resources and Mining Inc
GTC.V Getty Copper Inc
GTE.TO Gran Tierra Energy Inc
GTG.V Great Thunder Gold Corp
GTX.TO Gran Tierra Exchangeco Inc
GUD.TO Knight Therapeutics Inc
GUG.V Gungnir Resources Inc
GUN.V Gunpoint Exploration Ltd
GUY.TO Guyana Goldfields Inc
GV.V Guerrero Ventures Inc
GVC.TO Glacier Media Inc
GVG.V Grenville Gold Corp.
GVR.V Grosvenor Resources Corp
GVY.V Green Valley Mine Incorporated
GWA.V Gowest Gold Ltd
GWM.V Galway Metals Inc
GWO.TO Great-West Lifeco Inc
GWR.TO Global Water Resources Inc
GXE.TO Gear Energy Ltd
GXL.V Galileo Exploration Ltd
GXM.V Geodex Minerals Ltd
GXO.TO Granite Oil Corp
GXR.V Georox Resources Inc
GXS.V Goldsource Mines Inc
GXU.V Goviex Uranium Inc
GZD.V Grizzly Discoveries Inc
GZT.TO Gazit Globe Ltd
GZZ.V Golden Valley Mines Ltd