Forex Education Symbols

Canadian TSX and TSXV Stock Symbols

Symbol Full name
FA.V Fountain Asset Corp
FAI.TO Fa Active Utility and Infrastructure ETF
FAM.V Family Memorials Inc
FAN.V Gaming Nation Inc
FAO.TO First Asset Active Credit ETF
FAP.TO Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Invest Ltd
FAR.TO Foraco International Sa
FBE.TO First Asset Canadian Buyback Index ETF
FBU.TO First Asset US Buyback Index ETF
FBX.V First Bauxite Corp
FC.TO Firm Capital Mortgage Inv. Corp
FCC.V First Cobalt Corp
FCF.V Founders Advantage Capital Corp
FCR.TO First Capital Realty Inc
FCU.TO Fission Uranium Corp
FCV.V Focus Ventures Ltd
FDC.V Forum Uranium Corp
FDE.TO First Trust Alphadex Emg Mkt Div ETF CAD
FDI.V Findev Inc
FDV.TO First Asset Active CDN Dividend ETF
FDY.TO First Trust Alphadex CDN Dividend ETF
FE.V First Energy Metals Limited
FEC.TO Frontera Energy Corp
FEO.V Oceanic Iron Ore Corp
FEX.V Fjordland Exploration Inc
FF.TO First Mining Finance Corp
FFH.TO Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd
FFN.TO North American Financial 15 Split Corp
FG.V Falcon Gold Corp
FGB.TO Fa Short Term Govt Bond Index Class ETF
FGC.V Frontline Gold Corp
FGD.V First Global Data Limited
FGF.V Capital Dgmc Inc
FGX.TO Faircourt Gold Income Corp
FHB.TO First Asset European Bank ETF
FHC.TO First Trust US Consmr Staples ETF
FHD.TO First Trust US Consmr Dscrtn ETF
FHE.TO First Trust US Energy ETF
FHF.TO First Trust US Financial ETF
FHG.TO First Trust US Industrials ETF
FHH.TO First Trust US Health Care ETF
FHM.TO First Trust US Materials ETF
FHQ.TO First Trust US Technology ETF
FHU.TO First Trust US Utilities ETF
FIE.TO Ishares CDN Fin Mthly Income ETF
FIG.TO First Asset Investment Grade Bond ETF
FIL.V Filo Mining Corp
FIRE.V Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc
FIX.V Firebird Resources Inc
FLDM.TO Franklin Libertyqt Intl Eqt Index ETF
FLGC.V Fanlogic Interactive Inc
FLI.TO First Asset US Cda Lifeco Income ETF
FLUS.TO Franklin Libertyqt US Eqt Index ETF
FLY.V Flyht Aerospace Solutions Ltd
FM.TO First Quantum Minerals Ltd
FMG.V First Mexican Gold Corp
FMM.V Full Metal Minerals Ltd
FMR.V Fairmont Resources Inc
FMS.V Focus Graphite Inc
FN.TO First National Financial Corp
FNC.V Fancamp Exploration Ltd
FNR.V 49 North Resources Inc
FNV.TO Franco-Nevada Corp
FO.V Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd
FOM.V Foran Mining Corp
FOOD.TO Goodfood Market Corp
FOR.V Fortune Bay Corp
FP.V Fp Newspapers Inc
FPC.V Falco Resources Ltd
FPR.TO Fa Pref Share ETF
FPX.V Fpx Nickel Corp
FQC.TO Fa MSCI Can Quality Index Class ETF
FR.TO First Majestic Silver Corp Common
FRE.V Fremont Gold Ltd
FREE.V Freedom Energy Inc
FRI.V Freeport Resources Inc
FRII.TO Freshii Inc
FRK.V Front Range Resources Ltd
FRN.V Feronia Inc
FRU.TO Freehold Royalties Ltd
FRX.TO Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc
FSD.TO First Trust Sh Dur Hi Yld Bnd ETF
FSF.TO First Asset Global Financial Sector ETF
FSL.TO First Trust Senior Loan ETF
FSR.TO First Trust DW US Sctr Rtn ETF
FST.TO First Trust CDN Capital Strength ETF
FSV.TO Firstservice Corp
FSW.V Fireswirl Technologies Inc
FSY.TO Forsys Metals Corp
FSZ.TO Fiera Capital Corp
FT.TO Fortune Mnrl J
FTB.TO First Trust Tactical Bond Index ETF
FTEC.V Fintech Select Ltd
FTG.TO Firan Technology Group Corp
FTI.V Fti Foodtech Internation
FTN.TO Financial 15 Split Corp
FTP.TO Fortress Paper Ltd
FTR.V Firesteel Resources Inc
FTS.TO Fortis Inc
FTT.TO Finning Intl
FTU.TO US Financial 15 Split Corp
FUD.TO First Trust Alphadex US Div ETF CAD Hdg
FUM.TO Fa US Equity Multi Factor ETF
FUT.TO Fa US Tactical Sector Allocation ETF
FUU.V Fission 3.0 Corp
FV.V Firestone Ventures Inc
FVI.TO Fortuna Silver Mines Inc
FVL.TO Freegold Ventures Limited
FXM.TO F A Morningstar Cda Value ETF
FYL.V Finlay Minerals Ltd