Forex Education Symbols

Canadian TSX and TSXV Stock Symbols

Symbol Full name
A.V Armor Minerals Inc
AA.V Alba Minerals Inc
AAB.TO Aberdeen International Inc
AAD.V Added Capital Inc
AAL.V Advantage Lithium Corp
AAN.V Aton Resources Inc
AAO.V Augusta Industries Inc
AAV.TO Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd
AAX.V Advance Gold Corp
AAZ.V Azincourt Energy Corp.
ABCN.V Abcann Global Corp
ABE.V Abe Resources Inc
ABI.V Abcourt Mines Inc
ABM.V Athabasca Minerals Inc
ABN.V Aben Resources Ltd
ABR.V Ashburton Ventures Inc
ABT.TO Absolute Software Corp
ABX.TO Barrick Gold Corp
ABZ.V Asiabasemetals Inc
AC.TO Air Canada
ACB.TO Aurora Cannabis Inc
ACD.TO Accord Financial
ACP.V Arcpacific Resources Corp
ACQ.TO Autocanada Inc
ACS.V Archon Minerals Limited
ACST.V Acasti Pharma Inc
ACU.V Aurora Solar Technologies Inc
AD.TO Alaris Royalty Corp
ADD.V Arctic Star Exploration Corp
ADE.V Adex Mining Inc
ADG.V Arcus Development Group Inc
ADK.V Diagnos Inc
ADN.TO Acadian Timber Corp
ADP.V Accend Capital Corporation
ADYA.V Adya Inc
ADZ.V Adamera Minerals Corp
AEF.TO Acasta Enterprises Inc
AEM.TO Agnico Eagle Mines Limited
AEP.V Atlas Engineered Products Ltd.
AEZS.TO Aeterna Zentaris Inc
AF.TO Alarmforce J
AFCC.V Automotive Finco Corp
AFE.V Africa Energy Corp
AFF.V Affinity Metals Corp
AFM.V Alphamin Resources Corp
AFN.TO Ag Growth International Inc
AGB.V Atlantic Gold Corp
AGC.V Amarillo Gold Corp
AGD.V Antioquia Gold Inc
AGG.V African Gold Group Inc
AGI.TO Alamos Gold Inc Cls A
AGL.V Aguila American Gold Ltd
AGM.V Aldridge Minerals Inc
AGO.V Aurcrest Gold Inc
AGT.TO Agt Food and Ingredients Inc
AGU.TO Agrium Inc
AGZ.V Ashanti Gold Corp
AHI.V Agility Health Inc
AHR.V Amarc Resources Ltd
AHS.V Alta Natural Herbs and S
AHU.V Arctic Hunter Energy Inc
AI.TO Atrium Mortgage Investment Corp
AIF.TO Altus Group Limited
AII.V Almonty Industries Inc
AIIM.V Albert Mining Inc
AIM.TO Aimia Inc
AIS.V Ais Resources Limited
AIX.V Alix Resources Corp
AJX.TO Agjunction Inc
AKG.TO Asanko Gold Inc
AKH.V Alaska Hydro Corp
AKR.V Ackroo Inc
AL.V Alx Uranium Corp
ALA.TO Altagas Ltd
ALB.TO Allbanc Split Banc Corp II
ALC.TO Algoma Central
ALD.V Aldever Resources Inc
ALG.V Algold Resources Ltd
ALI.V Altitude Resources Inc
ALO.TO Alio Gold Inc
ALS.TO Altius Minerals Corp
ALT.V Alturas Minerals Corp
ALTA.V Altamira Gold Corp
ALV.V Alvopetro Energy Ltd
ALY.V Analytixinsight Inc
AME.V Abacus Mining and Exploration
AMI.TO Aurico Metals Inc
AMK.V American Creek Resources Ltd
AML.V Argus Metals Corp
AMM.TO Almaden Minerals Ltd
AMO.V Altan Rio Minerals Limited
AMX.V AMEX Exploration Inc
AMY.V American Manganese Inc
AMZ.V Almadex Minerals Limited
AN.V Arena Minerals Inc
ANB.V Anglo Bomarc Mines Ltd
ANE.V Altan Nevada Minerals Limited
ANF.V Anfield Gold Corp
ANG.V Angel Gold Corp
ANK.V Angkor Gold Corp
ANX.TO Anaconda Mining Inc
ANZ.V Alianza Minerals Ltd
AOI.TO Africa Oil Corp
AOT.V Ascot Resources Ltd
APC.V Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corp
APE.V Apogee Opportunities Inc
APH.TO Aphria Inc
APL.V Appulse Corp
APN.V Altiplano Minerals Ltd
APS.TO Aptose Biosciences Inc
APX.V Apex Resources Inc
APY.TO Anglo Pacific Group Plc
AQ.V African Queen Mines Ltd
AQA.TO Aquila Resources Inc
AQN.TO Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp
AQS.V Aequus Pharmaceuticals Inc
AR.TO Argonaut Gold Inc
ARA.V Anconia Resources Corp
ARB.V Ardonblue Ventures Inc
ARD.V Armada Data Corp
ARE.TO Aecon Group Inc
ARG.TO Amerigo Resources Ltd
ARH.V Altima Resources Ltd
ART.V Arht Media Inc
ARX.TO Arc Resources Ltd
ARY.V Anfield Resources Inc
ARZ.TO Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc
ASG.V Aurora Spine Corp
ASI.V Ashanti Sankofa Inc
ASL.V Argentum Silver Corp
ASM.V Avino Silver and Gold Mines Ltd
ASN.V Asian Mineral Res Ltd
ASND.TO Ascendant Resources Inc
ASO.TO Avesoro Resources Inc
ASP.TO Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corp
ASQ.V Astorius Resources Ltd
ASR.TO Alacer Gold Corp
AT.V Acuityads Holdings Inc
ATA.TO Ats Automation
ATC.V Atac Resources Ltd
ATE.V Antibe Therapeutics Inc
ATG.V Atlanta Gold Inc
ATH.TO Athabasca Oil Corp
ATI.V Altai Resources Inc
ATL.TO Atlatsa Resources Corp
ATM.V Atacama Pacific Gold Corp
ATP.TO Atlantic Power Corp
ATV.V Alto Ventures Ltd
ATW.V Atmanco Inc
ATY.V Atico Mining Corp
ATZ.TO Aritzia Inc
AU.V Aurion Resources Ltd
AUL.V Aurelius Minerals Inc
AUMN.TO Golden Minerals Company
AUN.V Aurcana Corp
AUP.TO Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc
AUU.V Aura Silver Resources Inc
AUX.V Auramex Resource Corp
AVA.V Aurvista Gold Corp
AVE.V Aveda Transport and Energy Svcs
AVL.TO Avalon Advanced Materials Inc
AVN.V Avanti Energy Inc
AVO.TO Avigilon Corp
AVP.TO Avcorp Industries Inc
AVU.V Avrupa Minerals Ltd
AVX.V Altair Resources Inc
AWE.V Thunderstruck Resources Ltd
AWI.V Advent Awi Holdings Inc
AWS.V Arrowstar Resources Ltd
AXE.V Acceleware Ltd
AXIS.V Axis Auto Finance Inc
AXM.V Axmin Inc
AXQ.V Axe Exploration Inc
AXR.TO Alexco Resource Corp
AXY.TO Alterra Power Corp
AYM.TO Atalaya Mining Plc
AZ.TO Arizona Mining Inc
AZM.V Azimut Exploration Inc
AZR.V Azarga Metals Corp
AZX.V Alexandria Minerals Corp
AZZ.TO Azarga Uranium Corp